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Accessory Dwelling Units

Also known as in-law units, granny flats, bedroom studios, and laneway homes, accessory dwelling units or ADUs are residential units within the same property parcel as your primary residence. ADUs may be completely detached and separate structures, or they may be a part of your current property structure that’s been converted.
Budget Construct makes ADUs easy by handling the processes that you don’t want to. We understand the ADU permitting process and relevant legislation intimately. We know how to get plans approved. Budget Construct facilitates non-traditional financing for homeowners who want to optimize for cashflow and works with the best community lenders to provide access to traditional financing options too.

An all in one package

Budget Construct makes the transformation of an existing unutilized space into an income generating asset, by utilizing all of our services from finance to construction.

Why Convert?

What makes ADUs distinct is that they have a separate entrance, a separate bathroom and a separate kitchen. That doesn’t mean they are always separate structures. For example, it’s common practice to convert a garage or unused living space into an ADU.
This “separateness” makes ADUs desirable as rental units and as accommodation for visitors who enjoy more privacy.

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